Home at Last!

Texas was awesome in so many ways, but of all things, it was sort of hard to satisfy my desire for cappuccino in the mornings. I couldn't believe that the nice hotel we were in didn't offer them and there wasn't a Starbucks very close by either--or rather we didn't feel like braving the freezing cold and wet weather to walk that far...Yes, I'm spoiled. I know I'm home when I see this:

This is my very specail La Pavoni espresso maker that we've had for about 10 years. It makes the best cappuccinos! Paired with some of the finest coffee in the world from Kaffee Klatsch in Huntsville, Alabama. They are fine roasters of coffee that they purchase from all over the world. Our favorite is the darkest they offer--Italian Espresso. So. Life has been good being able to have my morning java the way I like it! I'm home!!