In the Spiritual Realm

Hi Everyone,

If you're looking for me--I'll be in and out alot this week. My twin sister is on her Emmaus Walk! --Alabama Emmaus Walk #308. I'm her sponsor, so I drove the 2 hour winding-road-drive to Camp Sumatanga and back to take her on Monday night. This is a mid-week walk--they're usually on weekends, but with so many women wanting to experience Emmaus, they have created mid-week walks. It's been very difficult to focus on anything except wondering how Claire is doing and how she is enjoying the 72 hours of intense learning about Jesus and His love for us. Please pray that she and all of those on this walk have a beautiful experience.

I'm out of here again to Camp Sumatanga to spend the night at the Retreat Center there and attend the closing of her walk tomorrow night. Until tomorrow night, I intend to have my own spiritual retreat in the beautiful sanctuary that IS Camp Sumatanga.

Been on a walk? Feel free to share your experience with me! I was on Alabama Emmaus Walk #295--one of the greatest weekends of my life!

Peace & Blessings to all of you! I'll be back "in" on Monday!