Auburn On My Mind

It seems that with every football season comes my passion for my alma mater.  Last year was indeed rough, and left me numb in many ways.  This year though--the redeeming season with our awesome Coach Malzahn!  Needless to say, my passion is ignited like no other time! Well, except for 2010 maybe.  I'm so proud of my Auburn Tigers this season and loved that miracle play and dream catch by Ricardo Louis against our oldest rival, the Georgia Bulldogs.  I have painted that scene from nearly every angle.  I am thankful for the experience of seeing that game and play, for the awesome photographers and fans who caught the action beautifully--for all the inspiration that has gone into my depictions and expressions of my love for Auburn and this game. It is my joy to share these with the Auburn Family.

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Thank you for appreciating my artwork!

10x8 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD


#1 Auctioned on Facebook Page 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

#3 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
#4 AVAILABLE 14X11 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

The group

14x11 "Here Comes Mr. Right" Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

Detail of "Here Comes Mr. Right"

"Eat Yor Bama" 16x20 Acylic on Canvas