Jule Collins Smith Museum Art In the Garden

Beautiful water feature

Beautiful orchid. My pic didn't do it justice though. :(
The East Side of the museum. Pres. Gogue talking to Pat Dye in mid-right side of pic...
Beautiful sunset from the West side terrace
Enjoying a glass of Merlot
James Farmer talk
Cool architecture of the museum
Cam Statue 

Julie Collins Smith Museum in Auburn held their annual Art in the Garden last night. I was able to attend and did upon the suggestion of President Gogue from our meeting we had last fall. It was a beautiful night! There were stunning landscape vignettes as well as many items on silent auction. An orchid display from Garden of Eden, a great florist there, was amazing!  My favorite part of the night was sunset on the terrace just watching the sunset over the beautiful lake--very peaceful. Listening to the talented Auburn graduate, James Farmer speak about his garden designs was inspiring. I hope to use some of what I learned from him--it comes so naturally to him.  He was funny too.... Really neat event. I highly recommend your going next year!....then I went onto campus to see the Heisman statues that were unveiled yesterday. Fun night....