It's Spring Break!

I'm up early this morning and hear birds already singing and talking. It's spring! Are you as inspired as I am about the newness and beauty of Creation this time of year? It's so awesome to shed the coats, the long sleeves and let the sun hit your skin--warmth like no other.

I'm so excited about spring break with my girls as we head to Seaside to stay with my friend Rene who has a lovely house there.  Pics will come as I know she will have the place picture-worthy.

What kind of swimsuit will you choose this spring/summer? I do different choices, it seems, every year...

Love the glamour of a simple black suit!
Black string top and bottoms from Old Navy

 Well, I went black and even simpler for my Seaside trip.  It's time to catch some rays all over!
Enjoy your weekend and next week, especially if it's your spring break as well.