Carole Is Miss High Cotton U.S.A.!

Well, we did it! I won the first ever title of Miss High Cottn U. S. A.!! And I thank you for your votes! Now, I get to be whisked away with my BFF (best friend forever) and head to beautiful St. Simons Island at the end of March! I can't wait. I've never been there, and I hope to drive to Savannah as well and hit the art scene and see another friend.

Anyway, just so you know, High Cotton in this instance, is referring to the fun game that you can play with lots of friends or just a few, developed by friends of mine and their company, Peach And Love. Made with cool wooden chips and artfully-rendered cards depicting things Southern, it's pretty new on the scene, and has already been a hit in Southern Living's Christmas issue last month.

But the creators of the game are what make it so special too--Jill and her mom, Dara are two lovely Southern ladies who know how to have fun. They are also very talented and smart...AND beautiful. Jill is a super-talented photographer! (That's how we meet a few years ago!) So I encourage you to learn more about where to find the game, and get one so that you can start playing and making some fun memories AND maybe become the next Miss High Cotton U.S.A.! You never know what these 2 ladies will come up with--but I can tell you, IT'S ALWAYS FUN AND EXCITING!!

Thank you for your support as I won and now hold this beloved title: Miss High Cotton U.S.A.!