My Friend Stephanie Hogan

Wow, it's been amazing watching Stephanie on The Bachelor this season.  In fact, since my friend can't say anything about the show or her experience, I've learned more about her and her experience just watching the show and news shows.  I'm tired of it!  I miss talking, Steph!  We have to get together soon!

Steph was the most wonderful woman on the show.  Hands down.  And if you actually met her, you would realize how dynamic of a gal she is in reality.  I honestly think her whole being was too much for Jason.  I think Jason is a wonderful man--if everything you see on TV is real--it IS isn't it??, but Stephanie has SO much to offer that I think he just didn't feel like he would be enough for her.  My opinion...  Read her exit interview done by Reaity TV World.

This is the Stephanie I know.  A sweet and doting mother and wife.  I had the honor of shooting a pregnancy shoot and newborn shoot with her, and I'd never had such a beautiful subject!  And I was so thankful that we were able to get Steve in some of our shots--the new family.  Sophia was about 2 weeks old here.  Then Steve was killed in that plane crash just weeks later.  Stephanie has a whole series of these pictures in her home--along with probably 10-12 of my paintings.  She is wonderful client and friend.  I hope to spend some time with her soon--when things settle down a bit--and she can "talk." ;)