Southern Flavor

Last week when my sister and her family were visiting Alabama from their home in Minnesota, Claire and I were able to enjoy a day in Birmingham together visiting some fun places.  It was just a great time for sisters to go and do on their own and share some good time.  We did.  The highlight of my day was getting to share with Claire a wonderful place to eat for dinner.  So we set out on 280 and exited on Highlands to end up at none other than Bottega.  One of Frank Stitt's fine restaurants--see his awesome coffee table cookbook that, like his recipes, celebrate the fullness of the South.

 I've eaten there a few times, but this evening's meal was the best I'd ever had--sumptuous crab cakes and pizza graced with chicken, pesto and other delicious herbs. Who would think the simple house salad could be so good--so fresh? The wine was divine as well.  It always makes me so proud to show Claire the things in Alabama that I love and cherish--the downhome-ness, the beauty, the truly Southern style and culture that exists here that I think she might forget sometimes or simply has never known in living so far away.  It was a great day of fun experiences and sharing sweet time together.