My Friday Last Week...

Last Friday was an exciting day--the Mission Makeover Reveal Concert was the following night on Saturday night. Dr. Light, also on the MM team, and I were scheduled to do the WAFF News show at noon to advertise for the Event. Did you see us? It went really well.

Have you ever been on the set of WAFF? Here is what it looks like. I'm always fascinated with sets for news, commercials, photo shoots (that I'm not shooting) and how they operate, etc. Below is just a general shot. You can see Robyn McGlohn (so pretty!) barely, in the red suit doing the news. I've always wondered about that cool window-looking shadow they have to the right of the anchors on the news--and there it was!

Above is Dr. Light talking to "Utopia" a lady from Books-A-Million who was touting the release of the latest Harry Potter book. I got to touch it!

Jeff Castle (one of the Storm Team Weather Men!!) was working on the weather report as we sat waiting for our turn to go on the air. He was encouraging everyone to be weather-aware that day--if you'll recall, there were storms all around us. Below are the wild and wacky Alabama Blue's Brothers who had JUST rolled in (on 2 wheels probably) from South Carolina, advertising their performance at the Handy Festival this week in Florence. Are you going?

After the WAFF News interview, I had lunch at Shea's Express, which is Cynthia Shea's new location of Cyn Shea's (that is in Hampton Cove in Huntsville), and Shea's Express is on Church Street just north of the square in Huntsville. Oh was it divine!! If you have never been, you must go. I admire her for such a beautiful and comfortable place with amazing food. She plays Christian music as her house music. It was awesome to hear Sara Groves singing while I was eating....Check out some images.

This is Cynthia Shea herself! She came and introduced herself to me and was so kind. I caught this shot of her talking to a nice woman...

Umm. Just look at these images.

MMMMMmmmmmmmm!! Is your mouth watering???

They have fun and friendly service there too!

After lunch it was off to Hazelgreen to meet with Sister Grace's graphic designer for our soon-to-be-released CD. Her name is Heather Troupe with Emulation Media--highly recommended by Johnny Sandlin, our producer. She totally rocks. You won't believe how great-looking our packaging is. This is Heather with her dog Buddy.

So, a very exciting Friday last week. Look soon for another post about the awesome Mission Makeover Reveal Concert at the Princess Theatre last Saturday night! Geez, so much excitement in my life--too little time to post. I am painting too! I'll post up soon what I'm working on. Stay tuned!