Out Sick

If you missed me Tuesday, sorry--out was out "sick"! Playing sick that is, in a commercial. What alot of people don't know is that I work as a commercial model with Real People Models & Talent in Birmingham. I got a job as "Sneezing Lady" in a commercial for a drugstore. Yeah, but it's money...I'm too embarrassed to post a shot of me, but I looked the part for sure--raw-looking nose, dark circles under my eyes. Thank you to Rachel and Jamie for doing my make-up. Everyone on the set was great! Thank you for an awesome experience, Jay Brackin! I love to watch the production crew on these jobs--I learn so much about lighting, photography and I'm fascinated with the whole set!

All the make-up it took to make me look sick (ugly!)

Bob, the other Real People model/talent on the job. He was precious! Not sure what the story was on him--he was shot on the riding mower. I think the whole thing was about allergies/colds and trusting the local drugstore vs. the big Wal Mart drugstores,etc.

This is where the commercial was shot. If you look closely you can see the film crew outside with the huge reflectors. Amazing what they can come up with shooting at odd locations like this.

Patrick Hood and Jennifer--both talented people! Patrick is a fine photographer and Jennifer worked with production crew--Blue Olive Production.
This is about all I could document--I wish I could have shot more, but I had to spend my time fake sneezing for about 15 takes and about 100 still photos. I tell ya, I was almost hyper-ventilating! But, we got it! It was great!