Art in the Parking Lot Tomorrow!

Join me and many other artists for this wonderful event at this beautiful time of year!
It will be at the beautiful Little Green Store atop Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama under the colorful trees.  Tents, tables of art and even a food truck of Cajun food!  Join us!

I will have brand new pieces created the past 2 weeks of some of my fun, whimsical still lifes, collegiate mascots, wine - themed, cows, a goat, a Tabasco, a Sundrop--just come see!
Prices will be AWESOME!  


Exciting August!

Solo Show in downtown Huntsville! Please join me for a time to celebrate new paintings!

Join Carole and the other selected artists for this prestigious show at the
Huntsville Museum of Art.
The selection process for this show is brutal, and I'm not ashamed to say that third time is the charm! I applied to this show over 20 years ago, then not again until the past 10 years, and then I applied and got selected THIS year! I'm honored and excited! And I can't wait to see the art in this exhibit and meet the other artists. Won't you join us?

August 16
Preview Party

August 17
Opens to the Public


June Highlights

Summer is in full swing and is going by fast.  Where did June go? Well, as I take a look at photos, it's telling what summer has been for me thus far. With daughters who are at ages to spread their wings and fly, that is what they're doing. I am so proud of them, I could squeal. Working and traveling is the theme for Summer 2014, and I couldn't be happier--or more tired at times!

My older daughter flew to London in early June to study abroad and intern through Auburn University.  She is enjoying working at the Ritz Carlton in the HR department and is learning so much. We will meet her over there in August!

I am painting and drawing like crazy.  Rediscovering the discipline of drawing has improved my painting in beautiful ways--like being able to accomplish one more naturally, logically, easily. Below are just a few things done in June.

And go by Studio 100 Gallery Northside of the square in downtown Huntsville to see some of my latest paintings of Huntsville scenes. Below are details of the three that are there...

 Several artists were invited to a fellow artist's home to paint together.  What a treat this always is! Her place is so beautiful in the summer, and she takes such talented effort to stage still lifes all around her property for us to set up and paint. So wonderful! So grateful to be among such talented artists.

And June is my birthday month! OUR birthday month.  Most of you know I'm blessed to be an identical twin with my sis, Claire Kayser who lives in Chicago with her family. I snuck down to the beach for a couple of days to kick off our birthday celebration. Always a treat to be with her! We will gather again in Tuscany in 9 weeks! We teach each September there. Interested in going? Read more...

In between travels I am painting still and teaching.  Teaching is so fulfilling, especially teaching private, intense one-on-one sessions. 

My younger daughter is very accomplished thus far in her 17 years in fashion design. In preparing to consider a school for her, we sent her to NYC to do a summer program at Parsons The New School for Design. I'm jealous. Celebrating my birthday and getting her acclimated was a joy! I am relishing in all that she is learning about design AND life in a big city, meeting people form all over the world who are artists just like her. Below are shots of beautiful SoHo and West Village where the school is.

Below is Le Pain where I had my birthday breakfast.  Love that place!

By far one the greatest highlights of my birthday was seeing Michael Carson's artwork just a few blocks from where I was staying.  Sexy, visceral, mysterious, joyous--all feelings encompassing his work. To stand before them--visual ecstasy.  Truly.

Cappuccino at The Butcher's Daughter in SoHo.

So there are the highlights, but the month ended in sadness that has left me mourning the loss of a great young man in our Auburn family.  Philip Lutzenkirchen's tragic death stunned us all.  Tears for me as I learned about it my last day in New York walking down the busy sidewalk. My heart has led me to express my sorrow in the only way I know how--through my art....
Below is a quick sketch below of an image that I wanted to paint back in 2010--that score after that amazing one-handed catch he made.  I didn't paint it due to regulations.  But Philip gave me his blessing to do it and expressed such honor in my wanting to paint him. The only time I was in his presence was on an elevator in Montgomery at the hotel where the team stays the night before home games. Three players were on the elevator with some of us, and I could only suspect that THAT was Philip Lutzenkirchen.  As the players exited before us after that typical "elevator silence," Philip said, "You all have a great night." Such a simple gesture, but so telling of the man he was.  Another girl on the elevator confirmed that that was him when the doors closed again. A sweet memory.  His legacy must live on as he was the embodiment of a true Auburn man. Christian man...Never to be forgotten! #RIP43 

Time and our precious God heals and blesses. Life gives us so much! Beauty lives on and we must add to it with the gifts we each have. I wish you a very loving and joyous summer. I'll check back in soon...